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About Us

Welcome to Genesis Trucking Academy, designed by truckers for truckers. We proudly offer our students a 100% pass rate guarantee and job placement opportunities. Join us to start your journey toward a successful career in the trucking industry!

Guaranteed Success

With over 60 years of experience on the road, we have a proven record of success. Our school offers a diverse set of experienced and Kentucky Commission of Proprietary Education accredited instructors covering theory, skills, & range instruction and on-site training to ensure our students receive the best education possible. We take pride in our graduates who have been hired by top companies such as The Allen Company, Schneider, Online Transport, Ryder, and several others. Our comprehensive program covers everything from safety regulations to vehicle maintenance, and our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping you succeed. Join us today and start your journey towards a successful career in truck driving!

Not Just a School

At Genesis Trucking Academy, we have a strong commitment to the central Kentucky trucking industry. Our owners' decades of experience in various areas of the industry, along with our diverse range of current trucking businesses, allow us to prepare the next generation of truckers for the challenges ahead. We invite you to join us in our to serve central Kentucky to the best of our abilities.


KCPE Certified and FMCSA approved


We are certified by the Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education, the commission responsible for licensing and regulating all proprietary schools in Kentucky, except for those that offer a four-year bachelor's degree. The commission also administers the Student Protection Fund, which reimburses eligible students in case of school closure, loss of accreditation, or discontinuation of a program.

We are also approved by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, guaranteeing that our facilities, classes, and instructors meet federal requirements for CDL instruction. We choose to be legally bound to the standards of these institutions to ensure you, the student, have guaranteed success.

Behind the Scenes of Our Experience in the Trucking Industry

Join us today!

At Genesis Trucking Academy, your success is our success.  As we continue to grow as a school and in other sectors of the trucking industry, ensuring you leave as a driver every company wants to hire is our main priority, we may even want to hire you!  Call today to get started.

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